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Explorer Chronicle Jan-Feb Hiatus (Comic Resumes Feb 22nd)

Hi everyone! If you don't know already, Explorer Chronicles will be going on a month-long break. Updates will resume on February 22nd!

Reason for hiatus: This has been a very busy start to the year. Luckily we are still focused on work on the Finishing inks for Chapter 2 and Sketching out Chapter 3 + Timeless Tales, so no worries on that

The reasoning for the hiatus is actually a combination of personal life stuff and retail work stuff. I will be starting a new job very soon and I would like to prepare properly for it. Hopefully, this will work out and I'll be able to consistently work two part-time jobs. This shouldn't really hinder my workflow on writing the chapters. (As long as I continue to take care of my well-being and get plenty of rest)

In the meantime, I will be releasing our first sticker designs for the comic (Currently getting them printed out for our raffle winners)

Thank you for understanding and thank you for your support! I'll be sure to keep you all posted!


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