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State of Explorer Chronicles (Sep 2023)

Hi everyone!

Phrora is absolutely right, it probably is about time I give you all a proper update on Explorer Chronicles and what to expect in the next two months.

Chapter 2 Update

Chapter 2 is currently in its inking phase, with about 2-3 pages being finished each week. This chapter will be about over 60 pages, but not over 70 this time.

Chapter 2 is slated to start within October, just before the 1st anniversary of Explorer Chronicles. Like the previous chapter, Explorer Chronicles will update every Thursday with 2 or 3 pages, as per usual. Pages will be mostly released in inked (black & white) format, although...we may decide to release certain pages in color. We would to love to show more comic pages in vivid color whenever we get the opportunity.

The scripting and preparation for Chapter 3 is about 50% done!

Patreon Launch

We have a Patreon, and it will launch in October, when Chapter 2 begins!

There will be only 6 tiers:

Eternal Gratitude

($1 Tier)

  • Access to Discord

Novice-Rank Explorer

($3 Tier)

  • Read pages 1-week early

  • WIPs and exclusive blog posts

Silver-Rank Explorer

($5 Tier)

  • Access to all completed pages in buffer (Read ahead of everyone!)

  • Exclusive illustration and Fanart

Ace-Rank Explorer

($10 Tier)

  • Access to all completed pages in buffer (including colored pages)

  • Ask questions in Q&A (May be part of Q&A comic)

Knight-Rank Explorer

($25 Tier)

  • Monthly Sticker Pack

  • Name as sponsor on every published online page/future prints

  • Sketched Bust illustration (Every month)

Master-Rank Explorer

($100 Tier)

  • Special thanks for all colored comic pages

  • Fully Colored illustration (Every month)

  • Appear in Explorer Chronicles in a cameo role


Of course, all Patreon tier details above are subject to change.

In the meantime, below is an important feedback form:

We cannot stress enough how invaluable your feedback is to us. It will help to ensure that we give our readers top quality content and what we need to improve upon.


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