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What is Explorer Chronicles?

About the Project

Explorer Chronicles is an ongoing fantasy action-adventure comic series, taking place in a fantasy-esque magical world, inhabited by races of anthropomorthic creatures.


It follows the tale of a young cat named Phrora. Ever since she was little, she has always aspired to become a member of an elite order of adventures known as Explorers.

There is another young feline that’s called Shadow, he is an old childhood friend of Phrora. He is also operating as a full-fledged Explorer. His ultimate goal to identify and find the individual that was involved in his mother’s death.

Explorer Chronicles began as webcomic in October 2022 and updates every Thursday. Generally, the comic will update with about 2 to 3 pages per week. It is rated PG-13 due to mild violence, blood, and language (which will occur at some point in the story)

About the Team

Jaishawn Doctor

Creator | Comic Writer

I am a writer who is also studying computer science. I was born and raised in New Haven, Connecticut


I've started developing the story of Explorer Chronicle during my second year in college. Probably like many others, I grew up having a passion for things such cartoon and anime, as well as video games, comics, and manga.


When writing the story, I occasionally draw inspiration from favorite series such as One Piece, Hunter x Hunter, Final Fantasy VII, Avatar the Last Airbender, Star Wars, Warrior Cats and many more (I could make a whole list honestly!)


With Explorer Chronicle, I want to at least create and publish a work that I can be proud of.

Luciana DS

Comic Illustrator

I am a comic book artist and illustrator who lives in Rome, Italy. I’m graduated at the International School of Comics in Rome.

Drawing and painting have always been my passion, and my inspiration comes from various artists and books: Claire Wendling, Juanjo Guarnido and his Comic Blacksad, Jordi Lafebre and
Alex Alice.


As a kid, I started drawing because I felt the need to transfer into something visible all the characters and worlds that lived in my imagination, and the need to tell stories with drawings has never abandoned me since.

Working on Explorer Chronicles has been a great opportunity for me, and I hope you’ll fell in love with Phrora and her world as much as we do!

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